Ultra, Energy
Small Form Factor Pluggable Fiber Transceivers

The EOTec G408M accepts both single and multi-mode 1 Gbps and 100 Mbps SFP Transceivers, making it compatible with the EOTec 2104 Industrial Ring Switch.

The EOTec 2000 MX Multiplexer and the new EOTec 2000 Multi-Node MX Multiplexer base modules utilize SPF Transceivers; however, they are selected at time of order, based on maximum transmission distance, and are shipped with each base module.
1 Gbps SFP Transceivers
Part Number Wavelength Distance Mode
SFP85-1G1/2K 850nm 550m MM
SFP13-1G2K 1310nm 2km MM
SFP13-1G20K 1310nm 20km SM
SFP13-1G40K 1310nm 40km SM
SFP15-1G80K 1550nm 80km SM
100 Mbps SFP Transceivers
Datasheet Wavelength Distance Mode
SFP13-100M2K 1310nm 2km MM
SFP13-100M15K 1310nm 15km SM
SFP13-100M40K 1310nm 40km SM
SFP13-100M80K 1550nm 80km SM
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