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EOTec 2000 Analog Data Link Modules

The modular EOTec 2000 fiber optic analog data link provide reliable EMI/RFI and lightning immune transmissions of 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc signals over a single fiber optic cable.

Analog Data Links
Datasheet Description* Analog Signal Wavelength Optical Dynamic Range into 200/230um Optical Dynamic Range into 62.5/125um Optical Dynamic Range into 9/125um Mating Receiver Optical Mode Fiber Connector
2T06 FOT 0-10Vdc 850nm 37dB N/A N/A 2R06 MM SMA
2T07 FOT 0-10Vdc 850nm 37dB 25dB N/A 2R07 MM ST
2T09 FOT 0-10Vdc 1300nm 37dB 25dB N/A 2R09 MM ST
2T10 FOT
0-10Vdc 850nm 43dB 31dB N/A 2R07 MM ST
2T12 FOT 4-20mA 850nm 37dB N/A N/A 2R12 MM SMA
2T14 FOT 4-20mA 850nm 37dB 25dB N/A 2R14 MM ST
2T18 FOT 4-20mA 1300nm 37dB 25dB N/A 2R18 MM ST
2T20 FOT
4-20mA 850nm 43dB 31dB N/A 2R14 MM ST
2T36 FOT 0-10Vdc 1300nm N/A N/A 21dB 2R09 SM ST
2T46 FOT
0-10Vdc 1300nm N/A N/A 29dB 2R09 SM ST
2T72 FOT 4-20mA 1300nm N/A N/A 21dB 2R18 SM ST
2T92 FOT
4-20mA 1300nm N/A N/A 29dB 2R18 SM ST
2R06 FOR 0-10Vdc 850nm - - - - MM SMA
2R07 FOR 0-10Vdc 850nm - - - - MM ST
2R09 FOR 0-10Vdc 1300nm - - - - MM/SM ST
2R12 FOR 4-20mA 850nm - - - - MM SMA
2R14 FOR 4-20mA 850nm - - - - MM ST
2R18 FOR 4-20mA 1300nm - - - - MM/SM ST
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