Ultra, Energy
EOTec 2000 Multiplexer Modules

Ultra Electronics industrial networking components are used to create a node necessary to transition between copper cable and fiber optic cable. Creating a node requires the following modules:

  • Base Unit
  • SFP Transceivers*
  • I/O Modules
  • External Power Source (user supplied)
Base Units (MUX)
(legacy model)
Description Mode Conn. Type Max Distance
MXBMN-NH Multi-Node MX
Multiplexer, base unit,
non-hazardous locations
MM/SM LC SPF13-100M2K (MM;2km)
SFP13-100M15K (SM;15km)
SFP13-100M40K (SM;40km)
SFP13-100M80K (SM;80km)
Multiplexer, base unit, 1300nm MM LC 2km
Multiplexer, base unit, 1300nm SM LC 15km
Multiplexer, base unit, 1300nm SM LC 40km
MXB-SM80 Multiplexer, base unit, 1300nm SM LC 80km
Input/Output Modules
I/O Type Datasheet
(legacy model)
Contact Closure MXCC-IP2
Contact Closure In - 2 Channels
MXCC-IP4 Contact Closure In - 4 Channels
Contact Closure Out (Form-C Relay) - 2 Channels
MXCC-OP4 Contact Closure Out (Form-C Relay) - 4 Channels
4-20mA MX420-IP2
4-20mA In - 2 Channels
MX420-IP4 4-20mA In - 4 Channels
4-20mA Out - 2 Channels
MX420-OP4 4-20mA Out - 4 Channels
0-10Vdc MX010-IP2
0-10Vdc In - 2 Channels
MX010-IP4 0-10Vdc In - 4 Channels
0-10Vdc Out - 2 Channels
MX010-OP4 0-10Vdc Out - 4 Channels
RS-232/RS-485** MXRS-2
RS-232/RS-485 - 2 Channel (bi-directional)
MXRS-4 RS-232/RS-485 - 4 Channel (bi-directional)
*The SFP Transceivers, used with the new EOTec 2000 Multi-Node MX Multiplexer Base Unit, are selected and ordered separately, based on the type of fiber optic cable used, and the maximum transmission distance required for the application.

**The MXRS-2 and MXRS-4 are only for use with the EOTec 2000 MX Multiplexer product line. The new EOTec 2000 Multi-Node MX Multiplexer allows for the use of Contact Closure, 4-20mA, and 0-10Vdc I/O modules.
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