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EOTec 2000 Electrical Interface Modules

Ultra Electronics industrial networking components are used to create a node necessary to transition between copper cable and fiber optic cable. Creating a node requires the following modules:

  • Electrical Interface Module
  • Optical Interface Module
  • Power Supply Module
The Electrical Interface Module connects the EOTec 2000 system to factory networking communication devices. It provides electrical interface conditioning for data transmission over the fiber optic network.


Electrical Interface Modules (EIM)
Model PLC/Fieldbus User
Instruction Sheet
2C02 GE Fanuc Genius N/A 2C02  On request
2C10 RS-232 or RS485, Half Duplex N/A 2C10  On request
2C12 Allen Bradley DH+, Remote I/O N/A 2C12  On request
2C14 Modicon Remote I/O N/A 2C14  On request
2C15 Allen Bradley DH-485 N/A 2C15  On request
2C20 ControlNet
On request 2C20  On request
2C22 Profibus - DP N/A 2C22  On request
2C23 Profibus - DP
w/Self-Healing Ring & 24Vdc
N/A 2C23  On request
2C29 Modicon Modbus Plus N/A 2C29  On request
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